Vivek Ranade Graphics

About Us

Vivek Ranade Graphics (VRG) is an independent design house founded in 1993 by Vivek Ranade, a visual artist, illustrator & photographer. VRG has an illustrous record of handling variety of assignments in branding, photography & creative communications.

At VRG, visual communication is treated as a 'language'. An expression that is so explicit that the message is registered with ease & has a strong recall effect.

Today, VRG is an accomplished graphic art studio engaged in exclusive photography contracts, creative media communications, stunningly expressive corporate image building & distinctive branding.

VRG's strongest asset is its creative team bubbling with talent, unfazed by deadlines & ready to deliver, always! VRG functions on the state-of-the art equipments, is powered by a well placed studio and is focused on adopting new trends & developments in the technology.

Scope of Work

Branding & Identity

Clear and cohesive branding is a cornerstone of successful business. Good branding should communicate the core values of a company, and act as a unifying voice that extends into all aspects of the organization.

Print Design

Great branding should extend seamlessly into printed materials. Whether creating business cards, letterheads, brochures or catalogs, Works excels at the printed word. We work with a variety of vendors to produce digital, offset and letterpress work, with the ability to add custom stamping and embossing for a truly unique piece.

Package Design

A product's package is it's most valuable advertisement. At Works, our goal is to help great products speak clearly and effectively to consumers in a variety of retail settings. Creative deadliness coupled with smart copy and compelling imagery make packaged goods shine.